The Military Order of the World Wars

Region VIII

Serving Youth, Community, and Nation

The Military Order of the World Wars ( is a patriotic, nonpartisan, Veterans Service Organization (VSO) dedicated to promoting patriotism, civic responsibility, public service, and leadership in our nation’s communities. MOWW’s founding resulted from General of the Armies John J. Pershing’s request that his officers continue serving America after their active military service ended following World War I. Since MOWW’s establishment in 1919, MOWW Companions have lived by the Order’s motto, “It is nobler to serve than to be served.”

Our Programs

Patriotic Education Programs for Youth



Veterans, Law & Order,
US Security

“...Adaptability, accountability, character, and creativity are some of the attributes y'all displayed on a day to day basis.

Attributes that I wish to cultivate in myself...”

Socrates Salinas

Top Leader YLC LEX #2 2015
Counselor YLC LEX 2016-2018
Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate, USN


History of MOWW

General John J. Pershing, counseled his wartime leaders, “…May I ask that you carry home your high ideals and continue to live as you have served,” and many veteran officers sought to fulfill that request.


Whether you’re curious about becoming a Companion, MOWW Outreach Programs, or MOWW Chapter locations, we’re here to answer any questions.